Laser/Light Therapy


IPL (Viora V-IPL)

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, aka photofacial, is a way to improve the color and texture of your skin without surgery. It can undo some of the visible damage caused by sun exposure -- called photoaging. You may notice it mostly on your face, neck, hands, or chest. Avoid exposing yourself to the sun at least a week before treatment. Stop using self-tanners about two weeks before your appointment. Avoid wearing makeup day of appointment and drink lots of water. Redness around the treated area for two to five days. Immediately after treatment you may experience minor bruising that may last up to two weeks, freckles and age spots may darken for three to seven days before starting to fade. Skin flaking and crusting may happen for up to 10 days, and a sensation of sunburn for two to five hours immediately after treatment.

Lip Plumping

If you have thin lips but are nervous about trying injectables like Juvéderm, laser treatment may be right for you. Thin, aged, and saggy lips benefit greatly from laser treatments, which boost collagen to give a natural, fuller appearance and shine to the lips. In addition, laser treatments for your lips will help with defining your upper lip border, which tends to get fuzzy as we age, as well as treating fine lines around your mouth. What is a lip plumping treatment like? The procedure is relatively quick and painless. Pulses of laser are applied to your lip area. You will mainly feel a warm sensation, although some patients feel a slight pinching – similar to the snap of a rubber band. How many treatments do I need? Some patients see improvement after the first treatment, but it typically takes a few treatments to see a difference. It is best to have treatments four to six weeks apart as needed that you may get the results you are looking for. We recommend periodic touch-up treatments that may give the best results.

Aerolase Neo Elite

NeoSkin by Aerolase advances rejuvenation and tightening to new levels by enabling a comprehensive treatment to address tone and texture, redness, pigmentation, laxity, and other unwanted skin structures in a single treatment with a single device. NeoSkin uses 650-microsecond laser energy, which is uniquely attracted to melanin, hemoglobin, and water within the skin to safely, effectively, and tolerably renew the skin’s natural, youthful glow. NeoSkin now accomplishes the results of what used to take numerous treatments and treatment methods. As skin ages there can be many changes that occur. Skin quality can worsen with enlarged pores, texture, and lax skin. Unwanted conditions such as redness, veins, sun damage, and age spots may show up. Acne may follow through adulthood. Whether you are looking to restore your clear, youthful skin or prevent signs of aging, NeoSkin can help achieve your skin goals. First, NeoSkin’s 650-microsecond energy targets water in the dermis to stimulate collagen production, which reduces fine lines, pores, and tightens skin. Then, if present, NeoSkin targets melanin and hemoglobin to clear brown pigment, clear vascular lesions, and suppress inflammation. This NeoSkin treatment is a quick, tailored treatment to address each patient’s specific needs. NeoSkin treatments typically take 20-60 minutes depending on what conditions need to be addressed and how large the treatment area is (face, neck, chest). Treatment is highly safe, effective, and tolerable for all skin types and may be performed without any skin cooling, anesthetic, and even without the need to touch the skin.

Skin Tightening

Combines advanced radiofrequency energy and vacuum therapy that work with the body's natural regeneration process to deliver safe and efficient treatments for cellulite, body contouring and tightening of the skin. Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to appointment and avoid sun exposure prior to treatment. Most patients notice tightening immediately following treatment, but even more noticeable results will become apparent about two months after.


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