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About Viva La MedSpa

Viva La Med Spa was created with the intent to provide the best quality care that places our patients at complete ease. Our experience and enthusiasm for the profession welcomes you with an ambience visit that is centered completely around you. We cater to your personal needs and guarantee a satisfying experience.

Our Mission

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to The Children's Burn Foundation whose main concern is the full recovery of child burn survivors, addressing not only their physical needs, but their psychological, emotional, and social recovery as well. CBF provided services for 85,000 children and families during the past fiscal year. www.childburn.org

Veronica | Lead Nurse Injector

Veronica has been a register nurse for over 12 years working at a level one trauma center. Shes always had a passion for helping others and found aesthetics very rewarding. She takes pride in making your skin look beautiful so you can walk away with confidence. Currently certified in injectables, medical grade Microneedling, vitamin therapy, plasma pen, skin care and much more. With her experience she welcomes you to start your skin journey for natural results. She is bilingual in Spanish and was recognized by Negocios Now, Who's who magazine in 2019 as a hispanic who has inspired others in the healthcare field.

Tori | Nurse Injector

Tori received her BSN from the University of Arizona, and works as a registered nurse at a level 1 trauma center. She has always had a passion for aesthetics and enjoys being able to make people feel more comfortable in their own skin. Fun fact: Tori knows American Sign Language.

Gisselle | Nurse Injector

Gisselle is a registered nurse who received her BSN from Saint Xavier University. She works as a Labor & Delivery nurse and is a former lash technician. She has a passion for anything beauty related and loves to empower all her clients into feeling their best versions of themselves. She takes pride in being a Latina nurse injector and hopes to make a difference in the aesthetics industry. Her fun fact is that she loves doing outdoor activities like hiking and driving 4-wheelers.

Leu | Medical Aesthetician

Leu has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years as a dual licensed nail tech and esthetician. She got certified as a laser tech at NLI. With many years of outstanding customer service skills, she has developed strong relationships and has a strong client driven portfolio. She loves to make people feel beautiful from within.

Deja | Medical Aesthetician

Deja is a licensed aesthetician. After earning her BA in Communications at UIC, she decided to pursue her passion for skincare at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. As an aesthetician, she enjoys the ability to customize treatments for each individual client and seeing the positive changes in their skin over time. Deja also loves the satisfaction of creating a relaxing and pampering experience for her clients, helping them to unwind and feel rejuvenated. She finds great joy in being able to make a positive impact on her clients' self-esteem and overall well-being.

Kara | Patient Relations

Kara is a third-year law student at UIC with a deep passion for skincare and beauty. She’s dedicated to merging her legal expertise with her love for skincare to assist clients in achieving their skin goals. Stay tuned for her journey as she combines law and beauty to make the world a more beautiful and just place!

Marie | Lead Nurse Injector

Marie is a registered nurse specializing in aesthetic Injectibles with over 10 years of experience within the beauty industry. Upon her early years working with Estee Lauder she was awarded 1st place in the 2014 National Makeup Challenge, her current business has been featured on ABC7 News, and she is an active educator concentrating in cosmetic and Paramedical tattoos. Marie is distinguished by her avant garde style, and graceful procedures that leave her clients looking & feeling beyond reproach.

Kaylee | Nurse Injector

Kaylee is a registered nurse who started her career in the beauty industry at a Med Spa in her hometown of Orange County, CA. She realized she had a deep love for aesthetics and moved across the country to Chicago to get her second Bachelor's degree as a Nurse at Loyola University Chicago. Kaylee gained experience as a bedside nurse at Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, the number 1 rehabilitation hospital in the United States. She prides herself in developing deep relationship with all of her patients. Fun fact: Kaylee played collegiate softball as an Undergraduate.

Julissa | Nurse Injector

Julissa has a love of both healthcare and beauty. She has been doing hair and makeup for over 10 years. She found a passion in helping others in need and began working in healthcare in 2018. She has since been a registered nurse in acute cardiac care. Recently, she has sought out to combine both passions and joins the Viva La Med Spa team. Julissa enjoys helping others look and feel their best. She wants every client leaving feeling like the best version of themself.

Justyna | Medical Aesthetician

Justyna Gut received her aesthetician license through Hair Professionals Career College. She has a strong passion for the beauty industry from a young age and is always looking to expand her knowledge! Her goal is to do her absolute best to provide a pure and blissful service to enhance, protect and cherish every patient’s unique beauty.

Lorena | Medical Aesthetician

Lorena graduated from Tricoci University in May 2022. Her main objective has always been to provide the tools necessary to improve personal image while honoring the person within. Her goal is to empower others to reach for the stars, and to always look and feel your best. It’s been an honor to learn new ways to help others feel good, strong, and confident. She has also been learning new treatments, such as eyelashes and works as a part time barber.

Portia | Lead Nurse Injector

Portia graduated from the University of St. Francis with her BSN. She did Cardiothoracic and Vascular surgery nursing at Christ and at The University of Chicago. When the pandemic hit in 2019 the need for nurses drastically increased, she then transitioned into travel nursing where she did FEMA work and worked as charge nurse in areas that were hit the hardest by the pandemic. Although she felt a sense of pride at having worked on the frontlines of COVID-19 she soon realized it was time to peruse her dream of becoming an aesthetic nurse. Portia has found aesthetic nursing to be equally rewarding. It’s great being apart of making patients look and feel the best versions of themselves.

Elisabeth | Nurse Injector

Elisabeth graduated from Case Western Reserve University with her bachelors degree in nursing. She started out her nursing career as a high risk labor and delivery nurse, but as the pandemic went on, transitioned into travel nursing. After 3+ years of bedside nursing, she decided to finally pursue her passion for aesthetic nursing. Elisabeth has always been interested in beauty and helping fulfill her clients dreams and this began after she got her own lip fillers over 2 years ago. Fun fact about me: I lived in Europe for 9 years and can speak 3 languages!

Olivia | Medical Aesthetician

Olivia Graca received her esthetician license through Hair Professionals career college. She joined our team at Viva La Medspa in order to further her career and truly expand her knowledge in the field. Her goal is to create a wonderful atmosphere for the clientele as well as, to make informed decisions to best help each client on a personalized level to let their true beauty shine. Fun fact about Olivia is bilingual in Polish.

Nicole | Medical Aesthetician

Nicole Taylor graduated from Austin Kade Academy in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She has a strong passion for providing results-driven treatments, curating personalized skincare routines, and changing her clients’ skin and lives for the better. After working across Idaho and Utah for the beginning years of her career, she moved to Chicago for a more expansive opportunity. She joined Viva La Med Spa to elevate her experience in the aesthetics world and to pursue her passion for advanced treatments. One fun fact about Nicole is that she worked on a potato farm when she was in high school!

Amaris | Patient Relations

I'm Amaris, and skin has been my lifelong passion. I'm thrilled to soon have the opportunity to work directly with patients, creating amazing experiences for them. Seeing the positive impact of skincare on confidence and well-being inspires me. I aim to educate and guide individuals towards healthier skin, providing effective treatments and building trusting relationships. I'm excited about the possibilities ahead and bringing my dedication to each patient.

Haejin | Lead Nurse Injector

Hello, my name is Haejin Cho. I am a registered nurse with over a decade of experience in critical care, specializing in medical and neuro spine ICU at a level-one trauma hospital in the Chicago area. I've expanded my practice scope into aesthetics and provided aesthetic medicine. I am passionate about helping my patients look and feel their best, and I'm committed to providing safe, effective, and personalized care to each client. In pursuit of my goals, I'm enrolled in a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program focusing on Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) at Rush University. My goal is to make my clients look and feel their best by helping them achieve their aesthetic goals and make the best version of themselves.

Maheen | Nurse Injector

Maheen graduated with her BSN from Purdue University and has been an RN for 5+ years. She has specialized in various areas of healthcare, including ICU, ER, Cath lab, and IR. Maheen's personal struggle with adult acne and textured skin led her to explore different skincare treatments and sparked her passion for aesthetics. As a healthcare professional, she strives to provide personalized care that caters to each patient's unique needs and preferences. Fun fact: Maheen’s favorite food is a tavern style pizza with jalapeno’s and onions.

Nancy | Medical Aesthetician

Nancy graduated with her Aesthetics license from G Skin & Beauty Institute in Chicago. She joined our team at Viva La Med Spa to further develop her career in advanced skin care. She developed a true love for this field and became an Esthetician to help her patients reach their full potential while providing a sense of security with their inner and outer beauty. Nancy finds this profession exceptionally rewarding since helping people feel comfortable in their own skin is her true passion.

Karina | Medical Aesthetician

I’m Karina, I intend to deliver the best customer experience to every client I treat. I graduated from Chicago State University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts and Science and a minor in Spanish Literature. After 10 years in sales and marketing, I decided to switch gears and pursue my dreams and passion which has always been the beauty industry. I graduated ranking student #1 in my class at Universal Spa Training Academy in Downers Grove, where I received my aesthetics license. As an aesthetician, I want to make sure that my clients walk out with confidence and knowledge. Educating the people I treat is as important as their experience in my treatment room. I strive to create close relationships and build trust with my clients, it’ll allow me to assist them to reach their skin goals thus increasing their confidence. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful inside and out.

Anneli | Director of Operations

Hello, I'm Anneli, a dedicated skincare enthusiast with a lifelong passion for healthy skin. My journey, marked by conquering hormonal acne and scarring, ignited a love for skincare care that I now share with others. Backed by a background in social media marketing, I'm thrilled to empower you on your journey to confident, radiant skin. Let's uncover your best skin together!


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