Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Uses laser light energy which travels down the hair shaft into the hair follicle, damaging or destroying the follicle and preventing future hair growth. Treatment areas should be shaved completely prior to treatment. Legs should be shaved 24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid irritation. Do not wax, tweeze, epilate, or use chemical depilatories for two weeks before treatment, or at all in between laser treatments. You may experience redness and swelling in the treatment area which may persist for several days. Treated area may feel like a razor burn/sunburn for a few hours after treatment. Over-the-counter hydrocortisone or aloe vera may be used to alleviate redness and irritation. Hair in treated area will slowly shed, typically over the course of two weeks. Patchiness of hair growth is normal, and will dissipate towards the completion of your laser hair removal treatment series.


Waxing is the process of hair removal, we use strip wax to effectively remove the hair from the root. Prior to appointment the hair must be a minimum of 1/4 inch to ensure proper removal of hair. One of the best benefits of waxing is that your skin will feel smooth and even. When waxing, you not only remove unwanted hair—you also wax away any dry and dead skin cells in the process.

Hot Towel Razor Shave

A hot towel shave is a grooming service where your face is shaved after using a hot towel to soften your hair and skin. This gives you a much closer shave while offering an experience that makes shaving feel like a treat, rather than a necessity. Benefits of a Hot Towel Shave: Promotes Circulation- Applying hot towel on face before and during shave and massaging helps in promoting better circulation and makes the men feel stress-free and relaxed. It also results in better hair growth. Open up the Pores- The steam coming from hot towel opens the pore of the skin and makes the skin softer and smoother than before. It becomes easier to remove the dead skin, extra oil, and dirt as the pores of the skin opens up through hot towel shave. Pores need to be open widely in order to minimize the skin irritations. Soothes the Irritated Skin- While shaving, men suffers from various skin irritations due to razor burns, cuts, nicks, rashes. Thus, hot towel shave soothes one’s irritated skin resulting in healthy skin. It also helps in removing the ingrown hairs. Moisturizes the Skin- Hot towel shape is beneficial as it removes the unnecessary oil, dirt from the skin and moisturizes the skin and cleans it and gives the skin a rejuvenating effect. It’s Relaxing- Applying hot towel during and post shave is often relaxing as it makes one asleep. Besides these benefits, one should see that the towel soaked in the hot water is not so hot before applying to the face. Every men must go to the saloon and enjoy this exotic treatment of hot towel shave and enjoy this experience to its fullest.


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